Our Areas
of Expertise

At Brooks Wilkins Sharkey & Turco, we specialize in litigation, bankruptcy and supply chain issues. We have extensive experience delivering outstanding results for global and local businesses as well as prominent individuals. We are driven, dynamic trial lawyers who fight relentlessly to win for clients facing complex, high-stakes legal challenges.


We are a boutique law firm by choice. Instead of trying to be all things to all potential clients, our firm focuses only on areas of law in which we have extraordinary knowledge and experience and a deep record of success. We have relied on our sharp focus and lean business model to successfully represent a diverse and sophisticated client base in many "bet-the-company" disputes and other high-level challenges. Our team of attorneys offers exceptional depth of knowledge in our chosen practice areas. 


We emphasize consistent responsiveness and direct, real-time communication in all that we do — principles that enable us to deliver the highest quality of legal representation, consistently equaling or surpassing that offered by even the nation's largest firms. Timely, positive results and efficiency matter to our clients. Our success and reputation are grounded in our proven ability to deliver both.