Warranty, Recall & Product Liability Litigation

Some of the firm’s most impressive and hard-fought successes have come in the realm of our national product safety, warranty and product liability practice.


Warranty, recall and product liability litigation are core strengths of our focused litigation practice at Brooks Wilkins Sharkey & Turco. Our depth and experience matches that of much larger firms, while our lean business model enables real-time communication and cost-effectiveness that sets us apart from them.

Regional and National Representation of Manufacturers and Automotive Suppliers


Our attorneys have expertise and decades of experience assisting some of the largest and most sophisticated manufacturing companies in the world by:


  • Counseling and representing manufacturers in product liability, warranty and recall litigation
  • Representing numerous Tier One and Tier Two automotive suppliers as defendants and plaintiffs in supply chain disputes
  • Serving as national counsel for a market-leading tire company and other global Tier One manufacturers of sophisticated automotive components and systems
  • Defending claims involving safety systems, including anti-lock brake systems (ABS) and stability control systems
  • Providing National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) compliance counseling, investigations and related regulatory compliance and reporting issues


Based in the Detroit area, we have handled cases in more than 40 U.S. states and have provided unsurpassed counsel to both international and U.S.-based companies. Year after year, our clients ask us to tackle their thorniest issues in the toughest jurisdictions across the country. Whether your issue involves tires, brakes, drive train components, fuel systems, rollover protection systems, safety restraints, or any other automotive component or system, our attorneys have the comprehensive automotive knowledge and resources to address it quickly and efficiently. Our decades of experience and deep knowledge of automotive supply chain disputes, vendor-OEM contracts, terms and conditions, and relationships also gives our clients a competitive edge.

Driven to Perform


The wide-ranging experience of BWST lawyers in warranty, recall and products litigation covers hundreds of cases with demands exceeding several hundred million dollars. Our strengths in this complex area include defense of automotive suppliers and other manufacturers in catastrophic injury cases, and prosecuting and defending the highest stakes indemnity, warranty and recall claims within and outside the auto industry. For “bet-the-company” automotive and manufacturing litigation, Michigan-based, nationally recognized BWST is the right choice.

BWST Law Plaque
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